An outline of homers the odyssey

The Odyssey

The Cyclops An outline of homers the odyssey throws the top half of a mountain at him and prays to his father, Poseidon, saying that Odysseus has blinded him. The suitors would not dare such offensive behavior if Odysseus were around or if they anticipated his return.

She encourages him to seek the hospitality of her parents, Arete and Alcinous or Alkinous. Odysseus and his allies overcome and slay all the suitors, then execute Melanthius and the bondswomen who were loyal to the suitors.

However, Melanthius the goatherd sneaks out of the room and starts bringing equipment to the remaining suitors. Odysseus' account of his adventures Odysseus Overcome by Demodocus ' Song, by Francesco Hayez—15 Odysseus goes back in time and recounts his story to the Phaeacians.

Odysseus then swears Eurycleia to secrecy. They skirted the land of the Sirenswho sang an enchanting song that normally caused passing sailors to steer toward the rocks, only to hit them and sink. He travels to the outskirts of Ithaca to see his aging father, Laertes.

The Odyssey

Book 1 The story begins twenty years after Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan War, and ten years after he began his journey home to Ithaca. He then turns the bow on the suitors. Book 11, the section describing his meeting with the spirits of the dead is known as the Nekuia.

It is assumed that a king has the means to be a generous host and is more generous with his own property. Zachary Mason 's The Lost Books of the Odyssey is a series of short stories that rework Homer's original plot in a contemporary style reminiscent of Italo Calvino.

Her island, Aeaeais located at the edges of the world and seems to have close associations with the sun. Guess this is why Poseidon hates our hero so much. He then turns the bow on the suitors. It is easy to follow and meant to be read briskly, unlike much modern poetry which is designed to be read carefully one line at a time.

Telemachus is scoffed by the insolent suitors, particularly by their leaders AntinousEurymachusand Leiocritus. Just as Ithaca came into sight, the greedy sailors naively opened the bag while Odysseus slept, thinking it contained gold.

Other authors have composed more creative reworkings of the poem, often updated to address contemporary themes and concerns. It is time for Telemachus to stand up.

What Is the Plot Summary of

She gives him food and clothes and offers to introduce him to her parents, the king and queen — but she asks that he enter the city at a distance from her, to ward off uncharitable gossip. He longs to return to his wife and son, but he has no ship or crew to help him escape.

Click the character infographic to download. She then hides his treasure in a nearby cave and disguises him as an elderly beggar so he can see how things stand in his household. Released by the intercession of his patroness Athenathrough the aid of Hermeshe departs, but his raft is destroyed by his divine enemy Poseidonwho is angry because Odysseus blinded his son, Polyphemus.

He appeals to her for help. In return, he satisfies the Phaeacians' curiosity, telling them, and the reader, of all his adventures since departing from Troy. The enormous nasal passage in the middle of the forehead could have looked like the eye socket of a giant, to those who had never seen a living elephant.

Angry, they formulate a plan to ambush his ship and kill him as he sails back home. While Odysseus was away praying, his men ignored the warnings of Tiresias and Circe and hunted the sacred cattle of Helios. Notably, he encountered the spirit of Agamemnon, of whose murder he now learned, and Achilles, who lamented the woes of the land of the dead but was comforted in hearing of the success of his son Neoptolemus for Odysseus' encounter with the dead, see also Nekuia.

Finally, the despairing queen announces that she will hold an archery contest: In fact, the last foot of every line usually ends in either a spondee two stressed syllables or a troche one stressed syllable followed by one unstressed syllable.

Another theme throughout the Odyssey is testing. He is often described as the "Peer of Zeus in Counsel".

Recalling that had been prophesized by appeals to his father Poseidon. He then begins to tell the story of his return from Troy.The Odyssey is an epic, a very long poem on a single subject. Some epics were composed in order to be performed from memory, and so they include poetic devices to make them more memorable.

And many epics, probably including The Odyssey, were written to be performed to musical accompaniment. Research Paper Outline: I.

Homer: A. Born blind, but still somehow an author of two of the most famous epic poems known to man: His two epic poems, the Odyssey and the Iliad, are one of the most widely spread ideas and most well-known epic poems throughout the entire world.

The Odyssey (/ ˈ ɒ d ə s i /; Greek: Ὀδύσσεια Odýsseia, pronounced [] in Classical Attic) is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer.

It is, in part, a sequel to the Iliad, the other work ascribed to Homer. The Odyssey summary key points: Odysseus’s son Telemachus sneaks off the island to find his father. Menelaus tells him that Odysseus is being held captive by Calypso. Meanwhile, the suitors plan to kill Telemachus.

Athena intervenes to free Odysseus from Calypso.

The Odyssey Summary

When an angry Poseidon wrecks Odysseus’s raft, he swims to the island of the Phaeacians. The Odyssey is fundamental to the modern Western canon; it is the second-oldest extant work of Western literature, while the Iliad is the oldest. Scholars believe the Odyssey was composed near the end of the 8th century BC, somewhere in Ionia, the Greek coastal region of Anatolia.

The Odyssey: An Outline The first four books of The Odyssey largely focus on Telémachus, the son of Odysseus.

They are often called the Telémachia. ***Book 1: [Where our textbook begins.] Homer invokes the muse. He begins his story with Odysseus trapped on the island of Calypso, a nymph who wants to take Odysseus as her lover.

An outline of homers the odyssey
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